Have YOU been EXPOSED?

Have you been exposed to PoiSoN IvY, SuMaC or OaK that is?

If you have come into contact with any of these plants, do not panic, we have the remedy in our NEW POISON IVY RELIEF KIT.

Immediately cleanse the area with Ivy Ease Goat Milk Soap, rich in ingredients that will aid in removing the urushiol oil before it binds to your skin which will aid in fighting off the rash.

Be sure to remove all clothing that may have come into contact with the poisonous plant oil.

If symptoms appear, continue to wash the area with the Ivy Ease Goat Milk Soap and then apply the H & H Remedies’ White Liniment two to three times throughout the day to help with the itch and to dry it up!

Be sure to consult your health care provider if you have a severe reaction.

Leaves of THREE, leave them be!

Leaves of THREE, leave them be!