Sample Pack


Sample Pack


This neat little gift item is a great way to try all (3) products. The Sample Pack consists of (1) Trial Size Union (black) Salve, (1) 1 oz. White Liniment, and (1) Trial Size Vapor Ointment.

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(1) each of Trial Size Union (black) Salve, Vapor Ointment, and 1 oz. bottle of White Liniment

David, Yes I did get my order a couple days ago. Thank you for checking. I bought a Sample Pack at an Amish store in Southern Iowa a month ago. I love natural products and make some of my own. So I was very curious when I saw your products. I loved the Sample Pack because I was able to try multiple products for a smaller price to see if I liked them. We got bees this year, so I’ve been watching esp for something to help with the many bee stings I see in our future. We had our first bee sting last week and sprayed the White Liniment on it a few minutes after she was stung. It stopped the stinging and itching almost right away. I also liked that it covered the pheromone that is there when they sting, so others will know to sting in the same place. She went back out to finish checking the bees. When she came back 15 minutes later, the bump was gone and it wasn’t red anymore. I was so thrilled with it, I got online and found your site to order more and keep on hand.
— Mandy R. from Iowa
Excellent service - lots of good information came with the product. Wonderful product - it really works wonders!
— Customer feedback December 2015
Excellent packaging and care taken to ensure the product is in perfect condition. The product arrived in perfect condition. The product also came with instructions and literature to ensure that the user does not make mistakes in it’s use. It arrived well ahead of estimate and packaged neatly. Will purchase from this seller again.
— Customer feedback August 2014