Union (black) Salve


Union (black) Salve

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Known as a “drawing salve” and “healing salve” for its ability not only to heal a wound but to draw out splinters and infections as well. Why buy (2) salves when you can just buy (1) that does both. Pick up a Trial Size and give it a try.

Fantastic product for healing cuts and abrasions, and relief for minor burns, sunburn, minor skin irritations, and bites of non-poisonous insects.

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Some of the key ingredients are:

  • Sheep Tallow: A natural ingredient that acts as a skin softener.
  • Pine Tar: Has a past known to draw out splinters and foreign objects including infections.
  • Carbolic Acid: Used for antiseptic purposes.
  • Castor Oil:  A natural product derived from the castor bean plant. It aids in the healing process. It is anti-microbial, has anti-fungal properties, stimulates lymph, penetrates and protects the skin.
  • Mineral Oil: This ingredient was used to relieve burns with workers on oil rigs. It is used in healing wounded skin and keeping the skin moisturized.
  • Lanolin: This ingredient is a natural moisturizer with powerful emollient and protective properties. It also acts as a barrier to keep air from burns and wounds. 
  • Beeswax: A natural product produced in the bee hive of honey bees. This ingredient compliments the petrolatum in acting as a protective barrier against the elements when it is applied but also aids in healing of skin conditions.
  • Petrolatum: A natural product that is used to protect the skin and act as a protective dressing to hold in the ingredients over the wound and is soothing applicator to the skin.

Application: Apply liberally to the wound area or as directed by your health practitioner. Be sure to cover with a sterile bandage or gauze. If the injury is serious it is recommended that you seek medical attention. This product is intended for External Use ONLY.

Gallon sizes available on request

100% Money Back Guarantee

Had a client who had a cyst on her scalp for months and couldn’t get it to surface. She used the Union (black) Salve 3 days and it drew completely out!!! She was very satisfied.
— Marianne Forrest: Relieving Hands Massage & Bee Fit, Dover, Ohio
Our Daughter Tena had first, second, and third degree burns covering nearly one-third of her body. Doctor’s wanted to do a skin graft, but had nowhere to get enough skin to cover the procedure. We applied the Union (black) Salve and she is now completely healed with only a few small scars.
— Mr. & Mrs. Jacob H. Byler, Pennsylvania
I recommend your Union (black) Salve as the best we ever had in our home. A few years ago I had my foot burned very badly pouring hot lard over my foot. I tried a lot of salves but nothing seemed to help until I finally tried the Union (black) Salve. It healed nicely in about a weeks time. Ever since we wouldn’t want to do without the Union (black) Salve in our home.
— Miss Malinda Shetler, Ohio
I want to say thank you again for saving me from yet another nasty kitchen burn. My finger tips hit a 600 degree sheet pan yesterday while working. And I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have had this with me. I drove 40 miles to make sure I’d have more to continue to put it on. I’ve used it for years and it takes the burn away and keeps it from blistering. I love this stuff and would drive 1000 miles to make sure I always have it. Thanks again for keeping my skin from scars.
— Theresa Knapp February 2016