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Vapor Ointment

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Do You have that nasty chest cold and stuffy nose? Reach for our “Vapor Ointment.” This product has a great blend of aromatherapy oils to give you relief.

Great product for minor colds and certain forms of congestion in the chest, and nasal congestion. Melt a teaspoon of our Vapor Ointment and put it in your vaporizer and let the soothing vapors go to work while you sleep.

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Some of the key ingredients are:

  • Pure Peppermint Essential Oil: Botanical Name: Mentha arvensis also known as Cornmint Oil. Plant Part: Herb Extraction Method: Steam Distilled, Origin (Japan). History of using Peppermint oil dates back to 1000 B.C. in Egypt as well as Ancient Asia. Researchers have concluded that Peppermint Oil is one of the most natural and beneficial plants in the world. The Peppermint Oil has a cooling effect by constricting capillaries and helping with bruises and sore joints. This is largely due to the menthol content.

  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Eucalyptus essential oil is harvested from the leaf of the eucalyptus plant and is found all over the world. While its benefits have been known for hundreds of years, it wasn’t until recently that I began to be used commercially. It is a pale yellow liquid that is used primarily as an antiseptic or fragrance, but also has a range of other uses and is often useful for treating many common health ailments (most commonly, flu and cold symptoms, congestion, and as an anti-bacterial agent).

  • Sassafras Oil: Great herb for aromatherapy.

  • Pure Wintergreen Essential Oil: Botanical Name: Gaultheria Procumbens Plant. Leaves Extraction Method: Steam Distilled. Origin: India. Wintergreen Essential Oil has long been used as a pain reliever. It is also used to ease respiratory and sinus issues..

  • Camphor Gum: Assists in alleviating coughs when used as an ointment.

  • Menthol Crystals: We use the highest quality USP grade. When used with Camphor and Eucalyptus oil it is good for muscle cramps, sprains, headaches, and nasal congestion.

  • Other key ingredients include Beeswax, and Petrolatum.

Application: This product is best applied after a hot bath or shower. Apply liberally to the chest and throat area. Cover with cloth. This product is intended for External Use ONLY.

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When the seasons begin to change from summer to fall, I notice the build-up of congestion in my chest. I rub a small amount of vapor ointment on my chest and throat before bed and never have a problem sleeping through the night.
— Mrs. Ruth M. Troyer, Ohio
Vapor Ointment is a good product for ear aches. Rub it around the outside parameter and behind the ear, not inside. Good success for infants, children and adults. Also great for sore throats.
— Wengord County Store, Howard, Ohio
I love everything I have tried so far! The vapor ointment helped a 5 year old girl with her crud. The mom is hooked. I gave her my bottle. One of the 8oz vapor ointments is headed for Kansas to my daughter. Thank you guys so much.
— Sheila Metlow, Valley, Washington November 2016
Dear David, Thank you for such speedy service. I appreciate the samples too. I love the Vapor Ointment. It alleviates my sore muscles for a long time. Thank God for that. It’s a privilege to do business with you. I appreciate your gentleness and your love of God. Thank you very much,
— M. J. Scholl, Pittsburg PA November 2017
I just wanted to send a message and say thank you for making the vapor ointment. It has been such a life savor- our 15 month old has had terrible allergy issues and with that he has not been able to sleep. Last night we put the vapor rub on him after bath time and he slept the ENTIRE night. It’s been at least a month since that has happened.
Again, thank you for creating the product... I have been telling everyone I know about the Vapor rub!
We bought your product from a little family store in Rochester, IN. ...thank you so much!!
— Tori R., Lafayette, Indiana July 2018