Poison Ivy Relief Kit

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Poison Ivy Kit.jpg

Poison Ivy Relief Kit


Contains 1 oz. White Liniment and Ivy Ease Goat Milk Soap.

White Liniment helps ease the itch and dry up the rash.

The Ivy Ease Goat Milk Soap contains ingredients known to minimize the urushiol oil from binding to the skin, heal skin ailments, moisturize and cleanse the skin and acts as a natural antibiotic. Each batch of Ivy Ease is handcrafted including wild harvest of the Jewelweed in remote areas to best avoid chemical contaminants.

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Some of the key ingredients of the Ivy Ease Goat Milk Soap are:

  • Goat Milk - a natural emollient, absorbs easily and quickly to soothe the skin. Goat Milk contains Vitamins A, B6, B12 & E and important minerals such as Selenium.

  • Olive, coconut, sunflower, jojoba oils and shea butter are moisturizing and contain disinfecting & healing properties.

  • Jewelweed - nature’s best remedy for poison ivy, oak and sumac. Where these nuisance plants are found, Jewelweed often grows beside them.

  • Plantain & Myrrh - herbs especially good for healing skin ailments.

  • Honey - a natural humectant, both moisturizing & cleansing the skin and serves as a natural antibiotic.

  • Nettle - despite its nasty sting when touched, is a wonderful healing herb.

  • European clay and Bentonite clay - are natural poultices for poison ivy/oak.

  • Peppermint essential oil - used for its cooling quality and also is reputed to stimulate the circulatory and immune systems.

  • Tea Tree essential oil - included for its antibiotic quality and is reputed to be a strong immune stimulant.